AV Rated Martindale-Hubbell

State Bar of Texas

State Bar of Oklahoma

Meet Ray A. Williams

Are you seeking sound, objective and well-reasoned advice from an experienced executive, but not on a full-time basis? Would it not provide you comfort to know that you now have access to a resource with excellent skill sets and extensive contacts on short notice?

* Established Trial Attorney with 21 years serving on both the prosecution and defense sides of the courtroom while representing large corporations, mid-to-small size business enterprises, insurance companies, high net worth individuals and indigents.

* Superior networking skills with the ability to marshal and present facts and legal arguments with tact and diplomacy.

* Well acquainted with exploration and development of oil and gas interests in both a legal capacity and as Landman for Texas Oil and Gas Corporation and Williams Properties, Inc.

* Extensive knowledge of the ranching business. Managed a 7,000-acre working cattle ranch while simultaneously serving as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and a commissioned Peace Officer for the Hill County Sheriff’s Department in Texas.

* A reputable academic history with a Juris Doctorate degree from Southern Methodist University, a degree in Ranch Management from Texas Christian University and an undergraduate degree in Business from Trinity University.